Jo Baker


My jewellery explores the intrinsic characters of materials caught in fleeting forms. Silver cascades, drips and freezes. Crushed stones reveal the interiors of crystals rather than their polished faces. I exploit spontaneity and chance - each piece is a one-off, in the way it is constructed, the materials it is made from or in its finish.



Robert Smithson's 'asphalt rundown' (1969)

Robert Smithson's 'asphalt rundown' (1969)



Current collection

American land artist Robert Smithson is the inspiration behind my 2016 jewellery collection. Famous for his 'spiral jetty' of rock salt in a lake in Utah in the 1970s, Smithson also poured asphalt, rubble and glue onto quarry slopes and buildings. I celebrate such chaos in rings, a brooch and pendants made by pouring molten silver onto wire and stones or electrically coating metal and minerals.